We design and develop Competency Models  for our clients to enhance Corporate Capabilities in Competitive Environment

Facilitation on Competency Building to Empower Team Capabilities and Individual Talents


"You don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing, and by falling over"

Richard Branson


"Faith is taking the first step even when you dont see the staircase"

Martin Luther King Jr

Competency Based Training

Customer Service

Our Customer Service program help participants to apply Standard Practices effectively through Role Plays and Steps of Practical Customer Service Process

Service Excellence Program

The Program is designed by mapping the Customer Journey and identify Excellent Service Practices at each point. Mystery Shoppers / Audits and Customer Service Index are used to measure the effectiveness of the competencies

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Service Competencies

Core Competencies developed from the program are proactively anticipate customer needs, providing excellent memorable experience and professionally handling difficult customers.

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Relationship and rapport building, effective speaking, writing, updating, negotiating and idea presenting are among few key competencies we develop in this program

Communication For Organizational Departmental Excellence (CODE)

CODE focuses on Communication in business operation. Giving and receiving instructions, feedbacks and ideas. It also capitalises on Verbal and Non Verbal Queues. It promotes proactive communication loop between internal and external customers

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Business Presentation Skills

The program shares interesting approaches to deliver ideas effectively. Engage with audience using powerful analogies, metaphors and describing objective situations using practical tools or diagrams.

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The program inculcates strong organisational culture of excellence through team bonding, blending team diversities and capitalising individual talents

Lets Compete

The program instill healthy competitive spirit in current challenging business. The importance of leveraging team competencies for highest quality of team results

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Winning Character

Critical character building program, which are significant for individual and organisational success. It helps the participants shine in career, added value to organisation and develop excellent personal attributes

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Winning Team

The program build a winning profile of the team, ironing out conflicts, negotiating expectations and aligning team missions to develop a winning organisation

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Our Leadership Program promotes transformation through good principles and influence. It cascades common values and practices throughout organisation with accountability

Operational Leader Program

The program help leaders to maximize operational excellence using effective leadership tools. It guides them to practice professional leadership roles with useful competencies

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Tactical Leaders

This program help leaders to plan, strategize and align the team missions. It tracks team results objectively, manage performance and develop team capabilities continuously

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Transformational Leaders

This program enable participants to drive the organisation through challenges by engaging and aspiring followers. Various styles and approaches will be shared in the program to formulate and align strategic initiatives.

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Our Innovation Program shares the practical and creative tools for individuals and teams. It promotes innovative culture at work place through structured process and initiatives to ensure sustainability in organisation.

Tools For Innovation and Problem Solving (TIPS)

Tools for Innovation and problem solving will be shared in the program with a structured process. Projects and initiatives may be designed to apply the learnings at workplace for impactful results

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Analytical and Critical Thinking Tools

The program challenge the status quo constructively. It helps to analyse data and symptoms, model the solutions and promote continuous improvements.

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The program equip participants with mindset, tools and processes to be an internal performance or process consultants. It develops the analytical competencies, innovativeness and result driven attitude

Performance Consultant

Participants would be able to identify strategic key result areas, establish key performance indicators, track performance to maximise Organisational Performance through practical dashboards

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Process Consultant

The program guides the participants to map and design key processes. It enable them to assess the risks and proactively mitigate the consequences to ensure high productivities and quality results

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