Enhance Organisational Performance With Strategic Initiatives

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May 2, 2017

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LHI had the opportunity to facilitate the crafting of the Vision, Mission and Corporate values of GLCs. We had also participated in facilitating the roadmap and strategic development of a State Government. LHI also had provided services in preparing corporate business plan blueprint for State Development Companies, Government Link Companies and International GLCs. 

LHI had also assisted in enhancing corporate performance by facilitating the project improvement initiatives improving the corporate finance in the Utility, Hospitality Management and Oil and Gas Industry

Significant Productivity Improvement Through Competency Development Program In Challenging Times

        Category:        Competency Based Training

April 22, 2017

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LHI has developed many In house Trainers in Logistic, Health Management and Manufacturing Industries this year, contributing to massive reduction in corporate learning investment. We assisted our clients to enhance their productivities during this challenging time  to remain competitive in business.

We also added in gamification and interactive learning to make learning interesting and engaging besides conventional learning approach. Thousands of staff in Telecommunication Industry and Government Agencies  had participated in our programs this year using online  IT applications specially designed for our clients.

Practical Financial Management As Core Corporate Survival Factor In Competitive Business Environment

                   Category:                   Financial Management

April 8, 2017

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LHI had completed many sessions designing and delivering Financial Management Program for Multinational Corporations and Plantation Industry. The program started with few groups but extended to thousands of staff as it improves their financial literacies. Financial Apps were used as practical tools to guide the participants after the completion of the program.

LHI is also working with Development Banks to develop the competencies of the entrepreneurs. It is aligned with national aspirations to support the initiatives of developing Small Medium Enterprise. By partnering with local development banks, LHI has managed to develop good network and database of local entrepreneurs

Strategic Human Resource Management Attracts, Develop and Retain Talents

             Category:              Strategic Talent Management

April 25, 2017

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LHI has participated in Talent Assessment Exercise to develop managers in Logistic and Banking industries based on their organisational core competencies. Talent Development Plan were derived to prepare the managers for future tasks and challenges.

We have also facilitated Human Resource Division of an International Oil and Gas MNC to formulate their Human Capital Plan. The initiative was to shift their roles from conventional functional division towards a strategic business partner. We were also entrusted to develop the capabilities of HR Managers in Job Analysis and Job Loading exercise of banking industry.  

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