We facilitate Vision and Mission Crafting for  our clients and
inculcating Strong Organizational Values

Transforming Organizational Success Through Corporate Shared Values And Excellent 
Practices  In Ever Changing Environment



"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision,
passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion  "

Jack Welch


"When you see a successful business,
somebody once made a courageous decision

Peter F. Drucker

Organizational Development

Shared Value Program

The program will facilitate the design of organisational shared values. Prescribed behavior and practices will be initiated to reflect the values being instilled in the organisation. Indices may be derived to measure the values practised in the organisation

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Corporate Vision-Mission-Values

The program will facilitate the crafting of organisational Vision, Mission and Values. It may be approached by 'Top Driven' consultation or 'Bottom Up' participation to encourage buy-ins. The approach is to ensure all the key elements are strategically aligned

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Change Management Program

The program will evaluate the work process or service journey. It will benchmark the performance level with best practices and recommend Change Initiatives with tracking by Project Improvement Teams

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Culture Transformation Program

The program design the desired corporate culture in core areas such as Innovation, Customer Service or Performance Driven Team. The corporate wide structured approach will form project teams to track the performance more in objective manner and monitor the indices

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Business Modelling and Roadmaps

Business Canvas Model will be used to facilitate the process. Key processes will be detailed out into Project Management initiatives for objective tracking. Communication pack will be designed to cascade corporate wide pledges.

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Staff Engagement and Indices

Staff Engagement will be measured in any key elements such as HR Services, Communication, Teamwork, Customer Service or Leadership. It may be conducted by survey (online/offline) or face-to-face workshop facilitation. Analysis and findings will be tabled and initiatives will be recommended

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Management Retreat

A workshop facilitation to revisit the Business Plan or specific projects together with the management or project teams. It helps to provide fresher perspectives periodically before implementing the strategy in the organisation

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Breaking The Silos

The program facilitates the integration or align the divisional/departmental initiatives towards corporate strategy. 'Walls' will be removed in order to synergize and improve the efficiency of the organisation as one strong body.

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