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George Bernard Shaw


Strategic Talent Management

Succession Planning

This program is to identify key positions and assess competencies of the successors. A development plan is designed to bridge the competency gaps and a structured Mentorship Program may be designed to expedite readiness of the successors.

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Talent Assessment

A comprehensive talent program developing Talent Pool and assess their competencies using various tools and techniques. Development Plan is designed to prepare good talents are retained engaged and leveraged in the organisation.

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Career Planning

Career Planning coaches the talents preparing their competency inventory, plan for their future career development and guide their maturity in climbing the corporate ladders professionally

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Our practical DACUM approaches are used in facilitation for Job Analysis / Job Evaluation or identifying key competencies of job positions. It facilitates internal expertise and promote buy ins or ownership

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Job Analysis and Loading

Our facilitation on Job Analysis and Loading assist on optimising the manpower in organisation. It helps the organisation to carry out the process internally to encourage buy-ins and participations

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Training Needs Analysis

Our TNA practically identify the competency gaps and propose the Learning Development Plans for the talents. It also helps HR Teams to optimise their resources and develop inhouse expertise

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HR For Non HR

HR For Non HR empowers the leaders to proactively manage their team and individual performance in accordance with company regulations and Industrial Legal requirements. Practical knowledge and methods are shared to assist them developing their subordinates in their actual  working scenarios

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Other Program

Customised HR Training Programs and Consultancy Services will be designed to meet our clients learning requirements.  After session of discussion or diagnosis, HR Consultancy Services could also be proposed to support our clients HR Strategic Needs

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